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MASTER – Accredited Senior Agent

“All REALTORS® are the same…What’s the big deal?”  Let us answer that by asking you…Are you the same as your Neighbours, Co-workers or Parents?  Do you have the same Wishes and Goals? The same amount of money? Do you vacation at the same place or drive the same car with the same color? We didn’t think so! You are unique and we understandthat, that’s why we have decided to be Unique within the overwhelming Real Estate industry.

MASTER Accredited Senior Agents are comprised of a network of unique REALTORS® focused on late in life transitions equipped with industry relationships who understand and serve the senior market.  We are very specialized within the industry.

Unique REALTORS® Master-Accredited Senior Agents

Defining our market:
45 years to 100.  Seniors – ‘Of a more advanced age’. 65 over 45, 85 over 65, 100 over 85.
It’s a good thing!

Focused on the 45+ demographic, we understand that your unique Baby Boomer position has certain benefits, stresses and challenges.

Some of you may be experiencing ‘The Sandwich Generation’.  Sandwiched and stressed between children and caring for your aging parents.

Some of you may be Seniors considering your most important transition while the rest are financially stable and healthy looking to plan your future lifestyle!  Isn’t it fair to say you should be working with a group of professionals trained and experienced in managing this type of transition and future lifestyle.  This is such a niche market that we currently only have 25 dedicated professional REALTORS® having been awarded the MASTER-ASA designation.

Anyone can sell a house

but only a MASTER-Accredited Senior Agent is equipped to manage the many aspects of the Lifestyle55 clientele.

Time = Money.  Both are in great demand as we age, with the demand for Time winning over Money.

“Every ‘rich’ man wishes he could buy more time!”

Doesn’t it make sense to manage your time and leverage your money to achieve your

Lifestyle goals?

This is exactly what The Lifestyle55  Real Estate Network offers to do.

Gord and I wanted to thank you for all the hard work, professional,

ethical and humorous service that you did for us.

As you know, we were very concerned and nervous that we had limited time and ability to sell our house especially with Gord going in for surgery!  Although we couldn’t believe you, we trusted you!  We are so thrilled that you and your team of stagers, Lawyers and content purchasers were able to sell our home quickly, seamlessly and stress free 

 all while Gord was in the hospital - I can’t believe it.

We had no idea that a Realtor could be so caring and accommodating to our specific needs,

Thank You!

- Gord and Cathy

What exactly is a MASTER-ASA?

The MASTER-ASA is an expansion of the ASA Seniors Real Estate program.  Canada’s largest Real Estate designation program, and the only Canadian program that trains REALTORS® in the difference when working with Seniors.  With over 3,300 members, the Accredited Senior Agent has a significant presence in the professionals that serve Seniors, with Graduates of the program including Accountants, Lawyers, Financial Planners, Retirement community managers, Mortgage professionals and others.

Paul Cutajar:
Canada’s FIRST MASTER-Accredited Senior Agent.
Sales Representative with RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc. Brokerage.

We felt there was a need for an organized group of professionals that were showing a heightened awareness, sensitivity, knowledge and expertise in dealing with Seniors and their Families attempting to manage a transition.  As an organized group we are able to bring awareness  and accountability to the public as well as other professional groups such as Retirement Homes, Estate Planners, Lawyers, Financial Advisors and Caregivers. 

 As a Master-ASA, we provide a dedicated service for Seniors and their families in Transition.  Working with our team of professionals catering to the Senior clientele, we provide a ‘Plan Of Action’ for your future, including Healthcare, Wealthcare and Real Estate.

This group of MASTER-ASA’s are pioneers in the Life Transitions and Real Estate fields and have combined them to offer clients a single starting point for their unique journey ahead.  Partnering our REALTORS® with our Financial Advisors we are able to offer our clients a ‘Package of services’ under a brand known as ‘Lifestyle55 Real Estate Network’.

The MASTER-ASA designee’s mission is to facilitate late in life moves in such a way as to ensure that Senior adult clients and their families have access to professionals with not only a full appreciation for the unique circumstances occurring in transactions involving older adults but also the competency to ensure their successful completion.  In a nutshell, every day, we do the things you will likely only have to do once in a lifetime; for a MASTER-ASA, it is a familiar process.  For you, it will likely be a confusing, stressful and possibly daunting process.

The MASTER-ASA is a limited-membership branch of the ASA, available only to those graduates who have met stringent educational and experiential requirements in the Senior housing profession.

Paul Cutajar, Chris Newell, Nathan Kapusa and many of our associates work toward offering our Lifestyle55 clients a higher level, more encompassing plan for their future lifestyles.

Paul Cutajar – Founder of  and

Chris Newell: President & CEO The Accredited Senior Agent

Nathan Kapusa: Lifestyle55 Financial Advisor.  President & CEO

The Lifestyle55 Real Estate Network

works to bring you over 55 other professionals

equipped to assist us in managing your Future!

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All investing comes with risks. Speak with an Advisor to understand your risks. The Lifestyle55 Real Estate Network makes no claims to the amount of monies you may or may not make. Always seek professional independent advice.