What do you consider when planning your future?  Money, resort living, traveling, convertible cars…the dreams are endless however without good health what do you have?

TheLifeStyle55Network is all about providing solutions for the many facets of retirement including healthcare.

When considering healthcare there are several areas of importance depending on your level of need.  Allow us to explain:  You do not need to be 100 years old to require or plan for healthcare.  In fact many people and clients require healthcare and have a need to incorporate it in their future LifeStyle plans.

  • If you are caring for a parent
  • If you have become disabled or have a disability
  • If you are prone to future health issues
  • If you have children
  • If you are concerned about Long Term Care or Retirement community affordability
  • If you are caring for a loved one or find yourself in a ‘Sandwich Generation’ position – juggling your family/children while caring for a parent or loved one.
  • If you are POA/Health for a loved one.

There are many other scenarios that could be included.  The point is, healthcare is an integral part of aging.

I did not imagine that within months I would be in need of an Advocate to assist myself and my mother as we transitioned from Emergency to In-Patient care awaiting pacemaker surgery. It was through this experience that I understood how truly desperate the level of care delivered by our hospital system has become. When I left my mother in Emergency, waiting to move to In-Patient care, I thought…

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At the TheLifeStyle55Network, we have partnered with several Healthcare organizations that we incorporate within our service.

A few of the organizations/positions we connect with.




  • Parent Advocacy
    Nathan Kapusa of Solutions for Aging offers the PARENT HEALTH ADVOCACY PROGRAM™The program helps you and your family manage the role as the health and financial advocate for your aging parents.  Helps you avoid the “The No-Blueprint Nightmare”.
    A plan that covers 3 main areas, Health, Lifestyle, and Wealth.  http://www.solutionsforaging.ca/


  • Specialty care and industry training               

Jana Bartley photo Jana Bartley     RN, BScN, MBA.  Owner of Integrity Healthcare.
Legal Nurse Consultant, Integrity Healthcare Consultant

Understanding and navigating our healthcare system is not only confusing but could be a daunting task for a caregiver.  As healthcare professionals, we understand the intricacies and assist you in understanding what you are taking, what it means and how to manage your healthcare.  We are your advocates for all of your healthcare questions.  Integrity Healthcare offers several service such as:

Denise image Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. Denise Bedard – PHD. (C) Health Rehabilitation Sciences – Health & Aging; MHS Organization Leadership; BA KIN.  Owner of Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. Providing Government mandated training for Long Term care and Retirement communities.  Training for Allied Healthcare professionals, delivery of Dementia/Alzheimer’s program – Ashby Memory Method.  www.PivotalAgingInnovations.com