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Financial Advisors

As we developed The Lifestyle55 Real Estate Network it was of utmost importance we partnered with quality personnel who possessed not only the qualifications and skill as a Lifestyle55 Advisor, but they also had to possess the integrity to represent this unique demographic.  It was a natural fit for us to work with Nathan Kapusa, Owner and CEO of Solutions For Aging. Nathans’ network of Lifestyle55 Advisors required a network of professional REALTORS®.  As the Lifestyle55  program is all about partnering Advisors and REALTORS® knowledgeable with the program, a natural alliance was formed to offer the Lifestyle55  program.

With REALTORS® being guided by Paul Cutajar, Canada’s first MASTER-Accredited Senior Agent and Nathan Kapusa’s Advisors, The Lifestyle55 Real Estate Network  is able to offer clients 55+ a customized service stretching from Windsor to Ottawa with more to come!

When you envision retirement, what do you see?

If you’re a married woman, you probably picture your life in retirement as part of a couple, enjoying many years together. However, in reality, most women will spend a portion of their golden years without their

This is not just an Investment review and re-investment. The Lifestyle55 Real Estate Network Advisors  will take on an in depth discovery of:

  • Current investments and returns
  • Current market evaluation of your property
  • Age and risk aversion
  • Immediate and long term goals
  • Health or other concerns
  • Estate planning
  • Guaranteed Income
  • Insurances and other proprietary investigative processes and customized solutions including the Lifestyle55 solutions.

Lets face it – if real estate and planning was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Wait a minute, everyone is doing it! Or so you think!

Nathan T. Kupusa is the owner and CEO of Solutions for Aging.  He is a graduate of Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario.  For more than fifteen years Nathan has served clients in the financial services industry and is distinguished as one of just a few Elder Planning Counsel­lors (EPC) in Canada.  Nathan has dedicated his practise to meeting the needs of our ‘Sandwich Generation’ and their parents.  Offering our clients a simplified estate process. Nathan understands that estate planning is not just for the rich but rather for all who want a secure future for them and their families.  Nathan and his network of Advisors are our proud choice as being part of...

Are you still managing your investments like you were 20 years ago?
Building Wealth changes to Securing Wealth as you age!


The plan structure is the basis for developing your customized personal plan.

  • Establishing a Foundation

    Building up from current Income from Pensions, CPP, OAS, and any additional private pensions.

  • Guaranteed Income Portfolios

    Defining the required amount of Guaranteed Income. Information is gathered and compared to several Guaranteed Income portfolios to create a customized plan.

  • Additional Investments

    Working with additional Investment opportunities such as Real estate – Selling of and adding unused capital. Additional growth to produce future gains to purchase a series of small annuities over time.

  • Key Structure

    Determining your personal goals and then using components in the PLAN to ensure you achieve your GOALS in such a way as to enjoy the Lifestyle55 LIFESTYLE you want.


  • Celeste Heyerichs, B.A.Sc., PFP
  • Mark Diatel, Wealth Care Advisor
  • Peter D.N. Duncan, CIP, Wealth Care Advisor
  • Judy Dore, Wealth Care Advisor
  • Charles Ruff, CFP, Wealth Care Advisor
  • Jack Bergmans, CFP, Wealth Care Advisor
  • Margaret Kupusa, Business Development

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All investing comes with risks. Speak with an Advisor to understand your risks. The Lifestyle55 Real Estate Network makes no claims to the amount of monies you may or may not make. Always seek professional independent advice.