When people come together. Co-housing! It’s a good thing.

THeLifeStyle55Network is all about bringing you more solutions. Finance, Real estate, Lifestyle. At some point in our lives we will be faced with difficult decisions; Health, mobility, passing of a loved one. No one can predict what your life will be like but having solutions and being able to choose is a power that you possess. We have worked with several clients that have decided to remain in their homes as they age. Change is difficult, stubbornness and sometimes greed play a part in this decision, but more often its because they are not aware of other solutions. Solutions that may offer them a better way of life and a relief for their family.

We are talking about co-housing!

Co-housing is NOT for everyone so we would like to mention that it only works for a certain few, but it is a viable solution for those interested.

Working with Chris Newell (The Accredited Senior Agent Society. www.TheSeniorAgent.com) and Shelley Raymond (Owner of Solterra Co-Housing Ltd. www.Solterraco-Housing.com) we have gained information on a process to have like minded people come together as homeowners while sharing common aspects of food, cleaning, maintenance and care costs.

Imagine for a moment, a husband, wife and 2 children living under one roof with the husband and wife on title. Typical and it works.

Now switch it up and have a Senior parent and their 3 adult children on title. This works too!

Now try, 4 fishing buddies buying 25% share in a cottage. It works and it’s completely legal.

Finally, what happens if 4 people come together and purchase a 25% share in a 4 bedroom property. And these 4 people agree to hire a Maintenance company to maintain the property and building and they hire a cook and a cleaning company and possibly even some Health/home care. Can you imagine how wonderful this would be for these 4 people?

Let’s take it up a notch. 4 seniors needing some care but want independent living without going to a Retirement Community. The family still wants Real estate ownership but the current home is not working and a single bungalow is too expensive for one person. Would this scenario work?

YES! This is Co-Housing!

This lifestyle is currently in place north of the GTA with sites being looked at within the GTA but it doesn’t necessarily need to be done with the complete system of the Solterra Co-Housing Ltd. Although this system has been proven and all the legal, paperwork and contracts are readily available.

Shelley Raymond was brought in to present her company and living solutions to a group of Master-Accredited Senior Agents. Identifying the concern for many Seniors and their families, Shelley explained the Co-Housing structure and how it can provide a solution for a family looking to provide independent care while retaining equity in Real estate. TheLifeStyle55Network assists families in both the Real estate portion of a transition as well as the financial aspect.

  • What can be done about the current property.
  • How much can be pulled from the sale of the current property.
  • Locate a new property for Co-Housing
  • Purchase of the new share
  • Financially manage the remaining funds to provide a Guaranteed Income to sustain shared costs
  • Provide security for a family legacy

The benefits go on.

Solterra’s Co-Housing model is based on 4-6 independent people (maybe Seniors), sharing a single family home within a desired community. This is NOT a Retirement Home.

If you are:

  • Tired of maintaining your own property
  • Feeling lonely or isolated
  • Thinking about moving to a Retirement Home
  • Want to be with others but don’t want a Retirement Home residence
  • Over 65 and in general good health
  • Independent, self-sufficient and social
  • Considering Retirement living if it only had 4-8 other people
  • Still interested in Home ownership
  • Still need to be independent from your family
  • Interested in providing a legacy for your children

If any of these points have proven to be of interest, we suggest you contact us.

These tips and scenarios are that of Paul Cutajar. Founder of The LifeStyle55 Real Estate Network, focused on implementing  programs for Mature clients . Combining Master Accredited Senior Agents  REALTORS®, Financial Advisors, Professional Care givers, Sell n Stay programs and Affordable Housing for Seniors.  www.TheLifeStyle55Network.com