Hello fellow REALTORS®!
Real estate becomes profitable when you can turn clients into deals in a short period of time, however some clients inherently take longer and are more complicated, taking you away from ‘selling’ and becoming frustrated.  You choose between taking them on and spending time and money Vs not qualifying them and returning them into the general pool of non qualified sellers… simply not in your profit now funnel.

My name is Paul Cutajar, I am a MASTER-Accredited Senior Agent focused on Seniors Real Estate and I would like to offer you the opportunity to collaborate on your challenging older adult clients.

  • Are you facing a senior seller challenge?
  • Do you have an older adult needing to transition to a retirement lifestyle or smaller space?
  • Do find the process painfully slow?
  • Are you unable to manage the emotional component of seniors?
  • Is networking with the retirement industry un-appealing?
  • Is clearing out a life long worth of personal belongings overwhelming?
  • Are you unsure of how to have a conversation and offer solutions?
  • Is conversing with Lawyers, family members, lifestyle consultants, healthcare workers, Seniors investment advisors, Senior move managers and older people challenging and time consuming??

7 years ago, I was faced with a personal situation of transitioning my Mother after the passing of my Father.  My Father had been very ill for many years and was fortunate enough to have been given a liver transplant by a wonderful family. Despite the transplant being a success, he began declining in health and I was set on a path I had never expected.  I found myself entrenched in the complicated web of a personal, senior transition, dealing with all the emotional reluctance and confusion as well as the indecisiveness of the unknown future for my Mother.
I decided to begin working in the senior transition marketplace and have since built a network of senior related professionals that assist me in successfully transitioning older adults into a lifestyle that fits while offering them empathy and person centred service.

As a licensed REALTOR®, I can offer you a referral fee for your client OR we can co-list a deal OR you can offer my consulting services to your client while you simply list and sell – the choice is yours but you need to call me!

Based in Mississauga under the iPro Realty Ltd. Brokerage (formerly with Re/Max Realty Specialists Inc. Brokerage) my team and I can assist you in more transactions with less stress and remove your fear in dealing with older adults and their unique challenges.  We work throughout the GTA and offer a FREE in home consultation.

Reach out to your client base and offer to help.
If you are interested in becoming an Accredited Senior Agent, feel free to connect with me for more information.

Thank you for your time.

To your continued success.

Paul Cutajar – Sales Representative and owner of Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc.
iPro Realty Ltd. Brokerage.
905 507 4776